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  1. Hallo. Dank der Hilfe des Forums,koennte ich den EKI identifizieren und ein entsprechendes Gebot geben damit ich die Auktion gewinnen kann. Nochmals,Danke. MfG,Jannis. Hello. With the help of the forum, I could specify the EKI and give a appropriate bid so I can the auction win. Thanks again. MfG, Jannis
  2. Hello. Thank you for the infos. Jannis
  3. Hello. Please,your opinion about this Austrian Miniature chain. Is real or not,is in WWI time frame made? Thanks for any info. Best regards,Jannis.
  4. Hello. Please,your opinion about this. Is this a patriotic brooch ? Has a 2.5 cm diameter. Thanks,for any info. Best regards,Jannis.
  5. Hello. Thank you very much ,for you offer,it's not for sale. Now is mine,I have won the auction for this EK I 30 minutes ago. Jannis.
  6. Hello. Thank you very much. Jannis.
  7. Hello. Because,I have never seen one like this. Please,your opinion about this EKI, It's real or not. Thanks,for any info. Best regards,Jannis.
  8. Hello. Thank you very much. Jannis.
  9. Hello. Firstly thank you JapanX for the infos and Paul L Murphy for the topic "How to read Japanese certificates masterclass!" I have read the date, but I can not read the recipient Please, can someone tell me who is the recipient and whether he has a rank. Thanks for any info. Best regards, Jannis
  10. Hello. Thanks again. Best regards,Jannis.
  11. Hello. I have purchase today this 5th class medal. On the reverse of suspension is stamped "EK". Can anyone tell me when it was made and what means "EK"? Please your opinion,. Thanks, for every help and info. Jannis.
  12. Hello. Thank you very much for the fast reply and the infos. Best regards,Jannis.
  13. Hello. First, congratulations and thanks for yours forum, It is a great help for a new collector like me. I think this Golden Kite 7th class medal is a Shōwa period piece. Can anyone to confirm this and tell me if made before or after the ww2? The box has an inscription with 7 characters, is the correcte period box? I've also seen boxes with 6 characters, do you know the reason? Thanks, for every help and info. Sorry,for my bad english. Jannis
  14. Hello. Thank you very much Uwe and Paul for the infos. I did not know,that the sergeant was a rank in the German Army during WWI. Jannis.
  15. Hello. Please ,I will your help and opinion about this diploma. My opinion look as a original piece. But I'm wondering ,because the diploma is at a German awarded. The degree of service is described as sergeant and not as Unteroffizier. Thanks for any answer. Jannis.