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  1. Please date this Sacred Treasure 3d class.

    Hello. Thank you very much, for the fast reply. I am very happy, that is great news. I bought it from Italy today. Thanks, again. Best regards, Jannis.
  2. Hello. I bought today this sacred treasure 3d class. I know the pictures are not the best. Please,can nevertheless someone date the order? Every opinion is welcome. Thank you. Regards, Jannis.
  3. Hello. Thank very much,for your opinion. I also believe that fake is. Wanted to be sure and hear the opinion of more experienced collectors like me. Thanks, again. Regards, Jannis.
  4. Hello. This Iron Cross first class with screwback its for sale. Is without maker mark. Please your opinion. Thanks. Best regards,Jannis.
  5. Hello. Thank you very much, for another one comment. Is really a big help for me. You gave me material to search and learn. Regards, Jannis.
  6. Hello. Thank you very much, for the comment. Was really a big help. Regards, jannis.
  7. Hello. I reveived today this EKI market L/58 and made by Souval in Wien. After my search in the forum here, I belive this EKI is good one wartime piece. Please can one collector with more experienced like me to confirm this? Thanks,all comments are welcome. Regards,Jannis.
  8. Hello. I reveived today this EK2 without maker mark. Please.can anyone identify the manufacturer? Thanks,all comments are welcome. Regards,Jannis.
  9. WWI EK2 with bronze mark.

    Hello Tomasz. Was in auction and now is closed,unfortunately I don't have more info or photos. By the way,starting price was 39 Euros and is not sold. Thanks. Regards,Jannis.
  10. EKI 1914 maker KO.

    Hello. Despite my 200 Euros bid, unfortunately did not win the auction. Thanks to all. Regards, Jannis
  11. Hello. I have today received the NCO bar. In the medals lot,was this golden military merit cross. I know it is not original, but I would like to know if it is a modern copy or one of the so-called "Ordenspange Stueck",so a replacement medal for the medals bar is. Thanks, any opinion and comment is welcome. Best regards, jannis
  12. EKI 1914 maker KO.

    Hello. Thank you, that's good news. I hope I can win. Best regards,jannis.
  13. EKI 1914 maker KO.

    Hello. Thank you, for your comment. After my own search in the web, I am also in the same opinion as you. I hope I can win the auction at a reasonable price. Thank Again. Regards, Jannis.
  14. Hello. Is for sale. Is real or fake? Thanks,any opinion is welcome. Best regards,jannis.