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  1. Thanks Stormrider59 ,for your opinion. Let's wait for the opinion of Jim.
  2. Hallo. First, thanks for your opinion. Sellers add photos. Jannis.
  3. Hello. I believe is good,but before I buy it,I wool like to hear the opinion of collector with more experience like me. Thanks,any comment and opinion is welcome. Best regards, Jannis.
  4. US Certificate of Gratitude.

    Thank you for your reply.
  5. Hello. I have bought this Certificate of Gratitude and Appreciation of the American People. Can anyone tell me if this award will come with a medal together, e.g. the Medal of Freedom. Thanks, every opinion is welcome. Regards, Jannis
  6. Help to identify EK2s

    Hello. Thanks again, for your help. You have my respect, firstly about your knowledge, but above all for Your will to help inexperienced collectors like me. Best regards, Jannis
  7. Hello. I have reseived today this four EK2. I tried to identify the makers,I belive the first one is maker 55 and the second 65, the other two I could not identify. Please,can someone help me and confirm the indification of the first two and tell me he maker of the other two. Thanks, for any help, every comment is welcome. Best regards,Jannis.
  8. EK2 Schinkel Type.

    Hello. Thanks,Dansson and Bayern for the help. Regards,Jannis.
  9. EK2 Schinkel Type.

    Hello. It's fake? Thanks,Jannis.
  10. Hello. Is for sale and I will buy it. Is this EK2 Schinkel Type? Thanks,every opinion and commentar is welcome. Regards,Jannis.
  11. EKI made with maker mark L59.

    Hello Tom. Thank you very much, for your advice. I know EK-DNA, I have also looked, on the obverse,the frame and the core looks identical with these ones on the EK-DNA. On the reverse, I have found identical hinge and hook,but I can not find a similar pin. So I could not be 100% sure, so my question to more experienced collectors like me. Best regards, Jannis.
  12. Hello. A new addition in my collection. I believe this EKI with the maker mark L59 is good one. Please,can anyone confirm this? Thanks,all comments are welcome. Regards,Jannis.
  13. Please date this Sacred Treasure 3d class.

    Hello. Thank you very much, for the fast reply. Best regards, Jannis.
  14. Please date this Sacred Treasure 3d class.

    Hello. I have received today the order. Have this maker mark on the back. Please, can someone give me information about this maker mark. Thanks. Best regards, Jannis.
  15. Please,EK2 identify.