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Does anyone know why RAF medals are only named RAF, as apposed to the Army which give the Regiment/Unit served in?

It would make research so much easier, if RAF medals, where named RAF Regt or RAF Police or even 116 Sqn or something like that.

Can anyone shine any light on this for me?

BJOW. :violent-smiley-017:

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I agree that it is frustrating - in part. The reason is that the RAF differentiates between trade & rank - unlike the RN. Rank appears on the medal, not trade: ergo X1234567 SAC J BLOGGS RAF and not X1234567 GNR J BLOGGS RAF Regt. Much to the chagrin of Rock Apes (& Penguins), they are 'aircraftsmen' - Gunner being their trade and not rank. As for the Snowdrops? Well... let's not go 'there' eh?


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