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British South Africa Police (Rhodesia) K.P.M. mini group and badges

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Here's an unusual group of miniatures - to Col. A. S. Hickman, Commissioner of the British South Africa Police (the national police force of Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, in southern Africa) in 1954-55.



Commander of the Order of St John

King's Police Medal (Distinguished Service)

1939-45 Medal

Colonial Police Medal (Meritorious Service)

1935 Jubilee

1937 Coronation

Hickman's ribbon bar, which I also have, shows that he also had the 1953 Coronation medal. Looking more closely at the miniatures, I see that whoever made them up put a mini Colonial Police LSGC on the group instead of the correct Colonial Police Meritorious Service miniature - an easy mistake to make, as the reverses are almost identical except for the wording round the edge.

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A nice little bar indeed, an unlike so many minnies, obviously "real"

Oh yes - this was from the personal collection of a very respected militaria dealer in Johannesburg, now deceased, who was previously a senior officer in the BSAP. Here's the ribbon bar and Hickman's other insignia: you'll see why I was puzzled by the lack of Jubilee/Coronation ribbons on the ribbon bar.


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Originally the Colonial Police Long Service Medal was only awarded to junior ranks, (although it now covers all ranks) also not knowing the full career of the man was he military before the police so he may not have served the requisite years ?

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J S V Hickman  M.C ( Malaya with 1NRR/2 KAR ) plus a host of Rhodie decorations.

. C.O. 1 Rhodesia Light Infantry 8/1968 to 6/1970,when things were hotting up.Died October 2011.

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