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General Campaign Medal 1873

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On his 25th jubilee, (Dec 1873) Kaiser Franz Joseph I instituted the "Kriegsmedaille" dated on the reverse "2.December 1873".

Given to all personnel who took part in a (minimum of one) action since 1848.

Note the Habsburg-colors of black and yellow!

Later, given to all who took part in each completed campaign until the Kaiser's death in November 1916.

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Actually, last officially bestowed for the 1900-1901 Boxer Rebellion in China.

Robert Noss has a photo of an Austro-Hungarian officer who had served with German forces in Southwest Africa during the Herero-Hottentot War of 1904-06 wearing one which would appear to be an anomalous individual late award.

The medal and its ribbon are quite often found SELF-awarded in WW1 groups by Austrians who felt they "should" have gotten it-- but old Kaiser Franz Joseph NEVER authorized it for 1914-16. He may have intended some new award, as the incoming Emperor did with the Karl Cross, and never got around to it.

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I don?t think that medals with german Z instead of C in DECEMBER is version after 1900. its only a "fashionable" variation... there is a lot of variations of War medal 1873...

the luxury box is wonderfull, the second is some kind of "universal" box.. it was used for several medals - jubilee medal 1898, jubilee cros 1908, silver bravery medal I. class, memorial cross 1912-13, etc..

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