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Some references to consider!

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Excellent site from GMIC Member Lukasz Gaszewski, with nice examples of the ribbons of all official Cuban Orders, Decorations & Medals; arranged according to the precedence, as stated in the "Decreto-Ley #30, de las Condecoraciones, Titulos Honorificos y Distinciones" (Gaceta Oficial de la Republica de Cuba of December 10, 1979) with subsequent amendments


Please Note: The examples of Cuban Medal Ribbons used on this site are provided via the courtesy of Lukasz Gaszewski. We'd like to thank him for allowing us use of his images.

(individual ribbon images: ? Lukasz Gaszewski 1999, 2004)

Just a quick update. With the sharing of so many images from some friends in Europe, it would appear that at this point, this forum is about the best reference out there for Cuban ODM!

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