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Yugoslavian Partisan Stars

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Hi Anatoly,

many Yugoslavian Order were manufactured by IKOM and converted by ZIN. Two examples Order of Brother and Unity made by IKOM converted by ZIN another sample Order of Labor 1st class - the same story. I think that there are more samples.

Coming back to Order of Partisan Star

It was my assumption that this Order was managed the same way as the others. But as we have seen the type of pin back don't look like other known pin backs.

I couldn't find any information about it.

How do you know that Anatoly?

lg waldemar

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Christian - does Ranko have a website? Other contact details you could provide?


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Earlier in this thread Bob illustrated a Soviet-made Partisan Star, III Class with certificate issued to a Soviet Army Lieutenant on 30 April 1945 and numbered 2394. Here is a similar Soviet-made Partisan Star issued to Soviet Army Lieutenant Anatolii Ivanovich Akulshin on the same date (30 April 1945) and numbered 2376, just 18 numbers below Bob's example. The obverse and screw back device which is not the original one but rather a Soviet produced one (also the same as Bob's example) are illustrated below:

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