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Hi Gents

I was going to post elsewhere but I think it belongs here.

it is in the spirit of the “what were they thinking...” theme yet not a trench.

August 1915.....





Of them, taking just one man in particular who catches my eye...

He does not want to be there now.

Shoulders down and Slumped’ - not happy I reckon!

As he is positioned at the end, at the front, likely.he was either on of the first there, and has been waiting so long, he’s had enough 


he was one of the last there because he didn’t want be there.....

maybe no one to post a picture  to,  better things to do or a bad day.

then I ask why etc etc


Hope you like gents

excuse my ramble!



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I like your post!  And so to the others whom carried the torch in keeping this thread alive, thank you!  I have been long overdue in owning my end of the bargain in posting some more.  





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