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Hi Chris

Can we go back to Sandfontein, please?

I have the medals of Thomas Martin BOLTON who was taken prisoner on 26 September 1914.

He was NOT a member of the 1/SAMR. He is listed as an Intelligence Agent in Special Intelligence, but he must have been wearing uniform when captured because he was not shot as a spy.

He was also shown as an attested Private in Erasmus's Intelligence Scouts or 8th Intelligence.

Clearly he wasn't with Colonel Grant on or near the koppie. He must have been one of the screen of scouts sent out on Lukin's orders to find out what the firing was about.

Can you add any more information from your sources?

William :cheers:

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I have the medals to Lt. W. Owen


The list that was attached to the report does not mention your guy, just a Sgt. G. Bolton.

can you post a scan of his medal card? What unit is on his 14-15 star?

And WELCOME !!! Great to have someone with the same interest.

All the best


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Interesting, Chris

His index card is way too big to attach here, but I have cropped out the bit that interests you.

At the top (not seen here) it states: Capt Erasmus Intelligence Scouts

What you can see here ...

Dates of pay: 23.9.14 to 1.8.15.

Rank: Pte

Remarks: Captured in G.S.W.A. 26.9.14 Released between 3rd & 7th July 1915

Discharged: 2.8.15 Demobilized

But adds

Dates of pay: "23.9.14 To 3.11.15 Intel agent. also shown Pte"

Remarks: "Star issued 8th Intelligence 1914-1915 STAR stamped Pte"

STAR Despatched 9.4/21.

A little mystery ? :cheeky:


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