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This is yet another part of a series of links to books digitized and available on Google Books which I have collected. I hope the books will be useful or interesting to you (and ideally both :beer: ).

This series relates to the Anglo-Boer War. First is a three-volume British official history:

Next are an assortment of British and Imperial unit histories:I believe I previously PM'd Chris Boonzaier some other interesting links, including a German official history, but I can't find the message. If he has them maybe he can add them, or if others can find some other interesting links please add them as well.

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Hi and sorry for hijacking this thread but i cannot post new forum entries due to the 'tag' box restricting me! Its been reported to the mods, so i chose a very old thread to hijack!

I would like opinions on this badge - real deal or fake?




apologies for the hijack but did not have anby other way to post!

cheers mike

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Mike - shame you had to take another thread - you will have to contact Nick when he returns.

This is the correct cap badge for Scottish Horse. That does not mean that yours wasn't in use - just probably not as a headdress badge.

Yours has an appearance of age and the material certainly looks to have been in use for quite a while. From the size - could it perhaps be part of a pair for lapels ? Perhaps someone else will recognise ? Mervyn

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Got to disagree and agree I guess!

The badge you posted is Scottish Horse but post Boer War. The badge I have posted is likely to be Boer War period. There were at least 2 different versions made by the blacksmiths and armourers etc. during transit to SA or immediately after arrival and none of these had the laurel which was awarded post Boer War. This is likely to be a true Boer War badge but want several opinions of course!


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