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Interesting pictures are shown here! I was looking at one of these just like Stan has the other day. After looking at the pics here for a while I noticed something that made me wonder. When looking at all the pics shown here,even while looking differently from the obverse the badge shown by Eric and the one Skip shows share something in their reverse picture.I tried to encircle that on this pic here

The point you are making here is VERY significant. Both the flat-chested and barrel-chester Junckers pieces display this feature which, to my knowledge, is not evident on badges made by any other manufacturer.


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It might help if those that have these badges post their dimentions and weights. Perhaps with that data we can find a common denominator?


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It is now six years since I first posted my Retired Pilot's badge which is now widely accepted as the early J1.

I saw another J1 on another forum this week and spotted something significant about them, that is that there are scratch marks around the eagle's neck on genuine J1's which are absent on the fakes.

I am attaching some photos to better explain where this flaw occurs.

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