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The definative EK1 Maker List

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I'm sure this has been discussed before but humour me. :jumping:

Could it be possible to fully identify all known EK1 makers? I have put this list together from memory. Am I missing any?

It would be nice to have a mint example of each posted but let's not post the same maker more than once!!

I'll post what I have but if you have the same type in better condition please post it and I'll remove mine. :cheers:

Mark Maker

1 & L/10 Deschler & Sohn

L/12 C.E. Junker

3 & L/11 Wilhelm Deumer

4 & L/16 Steinhauer & Luck

E Ferd Wiedmann

6 Fritz Zimmermann

7 & L/13 Paul Meyhauer

L/19 Ferdinand Hoffstadter

11 Grossmann & Co. (Questionable)

15 Friedrich Orth

16 & L/59 Alois Rettenmaier

20 & L/52 C.F. Zimmermann

26 & L/18 B. H. Mayer

65 Klein & Quenzer A.G.

Rudolf Souval

100 & L/55 Rudolf Wachtler & Lange

107 Carl Wild

L/15 Otto Schickle

L/50 Godet

L/53 Hymmen & Co.

L/54 Schauerte & H?hfeld

L/56 Funcke & Bruningshaus

L/57 Boerger & Co.

Koch ??

I put a question on Grossmann because Grossmann is a bit of a split camp as to whether it's actually an early Deumer or from Grossmann.



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I'll start the ball rolling....

L/18 BH Mayer screwback

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Dave no problem for more than one if the set-up is different.

Thanks so far, we are off to a good start. I'll add L/19, Ferdinand Hoffstadter...

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You need Koch of Frankfurt a. Main on the list. As no number is known for this firm it will be quite a challenge to find a photo of one. I've only ever seen the outer card carton for the case. Definite maker though. They also made Imperial 1914 EKs and EK2s with the mark "K" on the ring can be found.

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