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Tom Y

?KII Doc to a Machinegunner

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This group just arrived the other day. The EK doc is the largest mimeographed one I've ever seen. Approximately 11 in. long, issued somewhere on the Eastern Front?

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He was still alive in 1935, working as a driver of a taxi or bus.

I doubt if the name John is too common in brunswick, or anywhere else in Germany for that matter. Maybe with a little lbit o'uck and a little help from my friends we can learn more about him

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:speechless1: I can't imagine (being from the Rotary Drum days meself) how that was made... unless there was some process of making them FLAT that I never heard of!

A very nice, very early machine gun award! :beer:

Oberst Pfafferott died of natural causes still commanding LIR 21 at Mjagiwitschi on 20 July 1916.

Nice BIG BrK document, hand signed by State Minister Wolff before he got the "von" in front of his name-- and would I like to know when that happened. The numbers at bottom left on these documents I am certain are running roll numbers. So somewhere out there is/was a complete roll.

"Kutscher" is a coachman-- he was trotting around behind horses in 1935. Not sure who "Licht" was, since he signed as the building (Police Presidium :rolleyes: ).

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