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I'm confused-was the Levantekorps the Asienkorps?I'm after details on nurses that served with this unit as well.Or was it all male?The German colony Jerusalem also provided care for the sick and wounded?

Not much in english on this unit.


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The Asienkorps was used, even then, as a generic term for all the forces which served in Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Turkey.... anywhere in the entire Ottoman theater of war. There were many female nurses in Red Cross hospitals, but not with troop units. When the Palestine-Transjordan front collapsed at the end of September 1918, many found themselves BEHIND enemy lines and fighting for their lives. I've read eyewitness accounts of nurses taking up arms in desperate last ditch efforts to save themselves and their wounded from being slaughtered, and there were a number of combatant Iron Crosses earned by these women at the time for what was often hand to hand combat-- for the ones who DID survive being butchered. Then as now this enemy gave no quarter to anyone.

I have a complete bound run of the Bund der Asienk?mpfer magazines, from their origins as Berlin street flyers at the end of 1918 trying to determine what had happened to entire missing units until the BdAK was dissolved by the Nazis in 1938. But these are on cheap newsprint and being bound, as well as oversize, there is no way I can scan anything without destroying them.

The last run I saw come up for sale went for something like 800 ?uros.

The accounts in the BdAK's magazine, the "Orient Rundschau," are from military personnel. I too know of nothing (even in German) in prrint on the civilian side of nursing.

But the German hospital is still there and functioning on the Mount of Olives as it has been since the Kaiser dedicated it.

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The German Red Cross Sisters with Turkish Army doctors at Birussebi Red Crescent Field Hospital:

Baroness Veronika, Wechmar and Princess Brigitte Reuss


In memory of Sister Maria Sonnenthal died on 9-9-1916 of cholera departed K&K Field Hospital Beersheba


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