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Mark Brewer

Legion of Honour to British recipients for Crimea

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Hi, I'm currently researching New Zealand connections with the French Legion d'Honneur. This includes a number of Crimea veterans who subsequently settled or served in New Zealand.

In order to achieve this I am trying to obtain a complete list of recipients. Aled L Jones from the Topica medal email list has been fantastic in providing two of the three lists. These were printed in the Times News Paper and so available from the Times digital archive. These are:

List number one: Printed in the Times 17 July 1856 page 9, as a reprint of the list produced in the 'Le Moniteur' of 16 July 1856.

List number three: Printed in the Times 2 May 1857 page 10, as reprint of the list produced i n the 'Le Moniteur' of 22 April 1857, and supplement to the London Gazette of 1 May 1857.

If possible, I'm hoping that someone would help me obtain a copy of the second list that was printed in the 'Le Moniteur' of 19 July 1856. It is likely that this was reprinted in the Sunday Times of 20 July 1856 (the reason why it is unavailable from the Times digital archive).

Can anyone help me obtain a copy of this list from either the London Gazette, Le Moniteur or Sunday Times or is there a full Crimea Legion of Honour list available in printed format or electronically that I can purchase?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Mark Brewer

New Zealand


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