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Gentleman's Military Interest Club
Bob Lyons

Puckapunyal (Victoria) Armoured Centre Museum

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Great photos , Bob! thanks for sharing.

Yes, #30 is a Priest (armoured, self-propelled), named for the "pulpit" look of the front.

I believe #39 may be a Walker "Bulldog", a mid-generation US tank named for the famed Korean War general. Don't know that they ever saw much action, though some must have made it to 'Nam. Could be wrong on this, though - haven't cracked the armoured books in some time.

Please share more!


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Concur with Peter, if you have more please post them. :jumping:

If I wasn't able to get the job I wanted in the navy, I was going to try for "tankie", failing that I would have opted for mechanized infantry 'cause I hate walking.



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