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No two separate Divisions.
A Division in the Metropolitan Police originally covered Whitehall, Buckingham Palace & Pimlico area's. It used to also signify officers who were assigned to ceremonial duties and Royal Palace duties.
A Division in the City covers a small geographical area of the City of London I know this has changed over the years with the closing of stations so it depends what period you are looking at.

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The City has made several changes to the number and name of its divisions through out its history. At the time of Jack the ripper there were six divisions numbered 1 to 6. Mitre Square I think came under Bishopsgate police station but what divisions that was numbered as I am not 100% sure (possibly 5th div). Prior to WW1 it was merged into 4 divisions "A" Division Moor Lane, "B" Division, Snow Hill, "C" Division Bishopsgate, and "D" Division Cloak Lane. Towards the end of WW2 due to the amount of bomb damage to Moor Lane A division was merged into the other divisions.

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