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"Lewisham Gunners" - 4th London R.A.

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Hi All,

Another recent pickup, rather rare both in terms of availability and interest biggrin.gif , this book is a Centenary History of 291st (4th London) Field Regiment,

RA (TA) formerly 2nd Kent RGA (Volunteers).

This was written in 1962 as a centenary publication, charting the unit's formation in 1860, and the prejudice it faced (basically along the lines of fear of arming the 'plebs'), through WW1 where it took part in the battles at Arras and Ypres.

In WW2 the unit played its part in covering the evacuation of the BEF from Dunkirk, then served in India and at Monte Cassino. This features a Roll of Honour and lots of mentions of individual soldiers, so as ever if I can be of help to fellow members with research, then let me know!



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