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First of all It`s a nice radio you have restored.

I just have a question about the antenna.

which model is the antenna at the left side on the picture on post#42. I ask because I`am a member of WWW.ghrvpk.dk a club for old danish military vehicle. Some of the member are trying to restore an old Humber Mk IV Armored Car. In this car there was installed a Wireless Set No.19 Mk ll but I can`t find out the right antenna. Can you help me to find the right one?

Best regards,


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Hello Olsen364,

The antenna itself is the standard base for the WS19 and other radios of the period and comes up for auction on eBay from time to time. The steel guard is not an original. After years of looking and attending restoration fairs I finally had one of the mechanics where I work make one up. I was told by a fellow I met at a swap meet that these were often made up "in the field" and then attached to the vehicle. I can find no evidence to support his statement but he certainly seemed to know what he was talking about and he seemed to have everything on his table except what I was looking for. Sorry I can't point you in the right direction for an authentic guard. The antenna base with the rubber fitting has no numbers but they are fairly common as is the antenna itself. The antenna on the right hand side is actually a length of automotive break line that I painted the correct colour. This is what many restorers used and it actually works quite well for them. I hope this is of some help.



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