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Hi everybody,

I want to start a new thread to show the officers who received the PlM during the war. I begin with Infantry officers. Don't hesitate to show your rarest photos tongue.gif

The first one : Major von Langsdorff

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Very nice images. After looking at all of those rather elderly gentlemen, I wonder how many of them actually risked their lives or went anywhere near the front.

Regimental commanders and the officers that served beneath them almost certainly deserved the PlM as a bravery award. For the rest, it was probably only a merit distinction.

It is interesting to note that von Brandis, a nobleman and professional officer, was regarded for many years as the conqueror of Douaumont and received the PlM, while Leutnant der Reserve Radtke, who actually occupied and held the fort with his company, only received a signed photograph of the Crown Prince for his efforts as a commoner.


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You are right David. Remember that some old Generals, like von Hindenburg were opposed to give such medal to young officer (like Ernst Juenger). But like we can see, the young officers played with theirs lives all the time and only their valour will be rewarded, not only for a single action but for all the actions they realized during the war.

I will post now some of young officer with Pour le M?rite. Leutnant Schnieber

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