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Not really a medal question but I have a Bronze Memorial Plaque commonly known as a Dead Man's Penny, that I wish to identify and attribute. I have a first name and a surname which I have checked against Soldiers Died and the CWGC files and have come up with 11 possibles.

I can reduce this by half if this question could be answered!

Does the soldier's full name i.e second and third names ever appear on the Plaque or is it just first names and surnames?


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The soldiers full name should be on the death plaque including middle names. Rank was not used as it was felt that all those killed should be treated as equals regardless of rank. However this was not strictly true as there are some death plaques with Lord in the name. A good example of this is Lord Kitcheners plaque. However there does seem to be several of these floating around, whether they are fakes or as one theory has been put forward multiple examples for illustrative purposes, is not known.

Below is an example showing a middle name.


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