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Scott P

?bergr?sse? 1914 ek2

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im no expert really, but im not keen on this cross at all. for me the details on both sides lack something, and ive never seen an imperial cross of this size (seems to measure around 48-50mm but my eyesights not exactly perfect).

plus parts of the description seem to yell 'look at me, look at me this is 100% genuine'. i had a look at his other auctions but the photos are poor to say the least so i cant really comment.

hopefully some of the big boys will have a better input than me. sorry dude.


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these are an uncommon, but known, entity...

one piece construction with rather grainy, bumpy finish to the core.

i'm trying to recall where these have come up before, but they have.

i'll see what i can find.


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