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Rank Order in British Army Gallantry Awards in First War World

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thanks for that it does make it clearer!though personally id prefer to get an MC!!! ;):P

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Hello paddywhack

I have an imitation one. Its not too... but.

I past some time learning english (that was the excuse, really I loved the old Harp :rolleyes: ) in Killakee.

Regards to Dublin.

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One of the British honorary awards made to Allied troups during WW1 was the Army Meritorious Service Medal... which is strange for a Long Service award.

They are easily recognised since they are NEVER NAMED. But they are perfectly genuine medals with the swivelling ribbon-bar.

Abbott and Tamplin state that such MSMs were awarded for acts of courage under circumstances other than combat; They also give the number of 679 MSM (hon.), 460 of which went to Frenchmen in 1919/1920/1921. Which makes it a scarce award.

I have been lucky to pick one up recently, the first and only I have seen in nearly a half-century collecting. And I would love to know why the British Command felt the need to honor Frenchmen in this particular way. Could they have been given for life-saving ?. The French had a special medal to honor Allied military personnel for life-saving (médaille d'honneur des affaires etrangeres avec epees).

Or some other kind of services ?

These are scarce awards. The question might arise here for the first time. Every bit of information will be gratefully received.


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366 Were awarded for Gallantry and One Bar in the 1914-18 period.

25,845 and 6 Bars were Immediate Awards

A total of 26,211 and 7 Bars


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Yes, Veteran and QSAMIKE, you are very right. :)

In this London Gazette (pag. 11310) were published the three Royal Orders:


This is from the R.O., date 03/01/1917

"WE did still further extend the

conditions under which the Meritorious Service

Medal might be awarded to soldiers in Our

Military Forces who were duly recommended

for acts of gallant conduct while performing

Military duty otherwise than in action or for

devotion to duty in a theatre of war."

And some images:


(the text is in spanish, but there is some links in english)

Here there is a summary of all the legislation I met about the MSM, maybe it would be useful for you veteran. (althought I suposse you knew it).


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Thank you very much.

The information given by Abbott & Tamplin is fully supported by these references. My question remains : what specific services to the British Forces could Allied personnel have rendered ?

One thing is certain : awards to Allied troups could only have been made for gallantry since they could not have been for long services in H.M. Forces !

Let's hope further information will appear. I had forgotten to mention the medal I found has an obviously period ribbon with three white stripes.

I am most grateful


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During the 1st WW many MSM's were given to the men behind the lines for bringing-up supplies and weaponry under heavy fire. QM's often seem to have the award. Since your question is relating to French awards during the War period, I would think it could often be for the same thing. Supporting the British Forces in many different ways and especially in helping with transport under fire.

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