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Khedive's Sudan Medal 1910

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PHOTO 1 - indicates first type AH 1328(1910); PHOTO 2 - indicates the later version AH 1335(1916 to 1917)

Photo 3 - reverse for both types

On 12 June 1911,this medal was authorised by the then Khedive,Abbas Hilmi,to replace the medal that had first been issued by the previous Khedive from 1896 to 1908.

In 1918 there was an subsequent issue of this medal by the next Khedive,Sultan Hussein Kamil,who changed and added a new date.

The medal was awarded in both silver and bronze.

I have not found any clasps for the silver medal nor any bronze specimens here in the Sudan.

I have seen and purchased various examples of both silver versions without the campaign clasps.

The second version has the date in Arabic of AH 1335(1916-17) while the first version has the date AH 1328(1910).

The medals were usually issued unnamed but a few specimens in arabic script or in small impressed letters have apparently been found that were issued to British recipients.

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Yes there are these two version but the 2nd type has the name "Fouad Al Awal" (Fouad the First) so I would suggest that , whilst Hussain Kamel authorised new issue of the medal by the time it came to be manufctured Fouad had succeeded him as Sultan in 1917 (?)- I believe Hussain Kamel died after a diner party but I digress....


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One of the most fascinating aspects of these awards is attempting to research them and then coming up with more and more detail all the time.Thanks for that!

There is a museum in Khartoum close to the Palace that has the awards or specimens on display there.

I will make an effort to get there and attempt to take photographs and will then post them on this site.

Finger trouble is improving slowly with practice!

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