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Uzbekistan (post-Soviet) Awards

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Hello Gentlemen,

This medal, still from Uzbekistan is a bit smaller, only 32 mm in diameter, thickness 3 mm.

Again the document shows award to the same person. 

But no idea what us this medal for ? 

Could it be for Military Cooperation between foreign countries ?????

If any one could helps, he's most welcome.



Uzbekistan Medal 3 obverse.jpg

Uzbekistan Medal 3 reverse.jpg

Uzbekistan Medal 3 with Award Document 1.jpg

Uzbekistan Medal 3 with Award Document 2.jpg

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Cased "Shukhrat" Medal #130345



Cased "Shukhrat" Medal #144594



136724. . .



047642. . .



Documents group of Mikhail Andreevich Khlopov
Document for the Uzbek Medal, “Jasorat”, and Medal dated May 6th, 1994, Serial #037639.
Document for the Medal and Medal (Uzbek/Russian) for the 50th Anniversary of Victory dated April 20th, 1995, Serial #127337.



Uzbek Medal “Jasorat” #47976



Uzbek Medal “Jasorat” #016903




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Hello Gentlemen, 

I believe that one is the Uzbekistan 10 Years of Independence Medal.

As the others from Uzbekistan Medals shown (by me before), it is 34 millimeters in diameter.

Best regards.


Uzbekistan Medal 4 obverse.jpg

Uzbekistan Medal 4 reverse.jpg

Uzbekistan Medal 4 with Award Document 1.jpg

Uzbekistan Medal 4 with Award Document 2.jpg

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Hello Emmanuel.

Yes, but non official too. Military Action Fund Medal for veterans.

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