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well guess i will pass on this one!!! man unmessed with bar are hard to find!!! i have passed on so many its getting crazy!!! :speechless1:

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QUOTE (pinpon590 @ May 21 2008, 14:07 ) One question again : it's really impossible to differentiate a "Preussische KVM" and a "Deutsche KVM, 2nd class silver medal" ???

Second question : how differentiate a KVM "Kriegs-Verdienst" and a MEZ 2 ???? (size ? metal ?)

First question: as I understand it - no.

Second question: they are different in size (25 mm vs. 40 mm)

Pictures of the German Kriegerverdientsmedaille 1st class gold (silver gild) and 1st class in silver (for the 2nd class in gold and silver see Wild Cards pic):

Dear Gentlemen,

I take care of the German Colonial category in website for oriental numismatic website Zeno.ru, http://www.zeno.ru/showgallery.php?cat=7136

As medals are within the spfere of interrest of numismatics I also like to present medals relevant to these colonies.

As you have shown here nice specimens of the Krieger Verdienst medal, I would like to ask your kind permission to show these in Zeno. Reference and mention of copyright will be given as I have done with other items in this category.

As I can’t find in this website a way to send you a personal message or email,I will take the liberty to asume you agree unless you react negative to this request. You can also react directly by putting a comment to a picture of yours which I might put in Zeno. The picture will then be removed as soon as possible.

To give something in return I suggest you follow this link to an off-strike of the Krieger Verdienst 1 class http://www.zeno.ru/showphoto.php?photo=75865

Please feel welcome to add to my work in Zeno by uploading interesting pieces and giving comments, registration is free.

Gratefully yours,

Kees Uitenbroek


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Thank you gentlemen.

If ever you might find an 'Urkunde' for these medals or one of the colonial medals for one of the local members of the 'Schutztruppen' I would be very obliged if you would upload this to Zeno or send a scan to info@ptbvhrokerspartij.nl

Best wishes on your hunts for medals,


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Hello all I just acquired this small medal 25MM Krieger Verdienst Medal which may be either an earlier piece or a copy (I got it cheap). I would like to know some opinions on this. Thanks in advance.

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And another photo which I just picked up.

Was hoping it would turn out to be a Golden Bravery Medal winner but unfortunately it must be only a Silver Bravery medal 1st class as his name is not in the list.

The medal itself is just out of view unfortunately.

So far I have seen three variations of wear, this, equal to the Iron cross, on a triangular ribbon as usual in the Austro-Hungarian army and the non standard way in the picture above.

Regards, Erik


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Dear Gentlemen, could you please explain a tricky issue regarding Kriegerverdienstmedaille M1892. While everything is clear with the 1st class medal, I still can't understand situation with its 2nd class.

It came in two grades, i.e. Kriegerverdienstmedaille 2.Klasse in Gold and Kriegerverdienstmedaille 2.Klasse in Silber. Both had "Krieger Verdienst" inscription on their reverses. The question is: were they minted exclusively for overseas colonial forces OR just old stocks of the Prussian Kriegerverdienstmedaille M1873 were issued?

The same question goes for the variation of the Kriegerverdienstmedaille 2.Klasse in Silber with "Kriegs Verdienst" inscription on reverse. Was it struck exclusively OR original Militair-Ehrenzeichen 2.Klasse M1864 was used as a substitute?   

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Hello Refreshing OLD thread ! What are your thoughts on this bar ??

Possible combo ??? Would a Hanseatic sta


te be considered Foreigner ? I don't believe Oldenburg would be ??

I get confused with these Krieger merit medals !!! also just got back into bars and trying to only pic up out of ordinary bars ?

worth a pick up ?? or pass ?

71084 (2).jpg


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