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This is an unusaual and I'm told rare cap badge, there's no reference to it in any military cap badge publications that I'm so far aware of.

I'm not aware that it's RAMC affiliated, nor is it for a regimental aid as far as I'm aware, myself ex army & RAMC and with several visits to my own museum at Keogh Bks they to had no idea.

One suggestion was that it's pre WW1 and was a form of relief/red cross cap badge ?

The photgraph below is a period 'postcard' picture and was bought with the badge, the clues maybe in this.

Any idea's what it is at all ?



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The reverse with an a number '613' on a additional brass plate added to the badge and the makers name J.R Gaunt London marked twicw, one incuse and one raised.

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