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Many of the Philippine medals were manufactured by Jose J Tupaz Jr., but here is a different version of the Resistance 1941-1945 medal by C Zamora. If you look closely on the obverse of the medal it has CZ where the previous one shown in this thread has JT (at the bottom of the sword in between the laurel wreath).

I have not seen this version before and wondered if anyone else is familiar with it and could possibly provide any further information with regards to date etc?

Philippines-Resistance Medal 1941-1945-O-D127.JPG

Philippines-Resistance Medal 1941-1945-R1.JPG

Philippines-Resistance Medal 1941-1945-R2.JPG

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Here are some more Philippine medals and different versions(with reverse) of those already shown. I am afraid I cannot date or verify the authenticity of them but maybe someone else can?

1-Philippine-Gold Cross Medal



2-Philippine-Independence Medal



3-Jolo Campaign Medal


Philippines-Jolo Campaign Medal-R.JPG

4-Military Commendation Medal




5-Military Merit Medal



5(a)-Philippine-Military Merit Medal



6-Philippine-Wounded Personnel Medal



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I am most dubious of No.2 The Philippine Independence medal as it has a Luzon ribbon attached to it and although it may not be too easily recognisable from the images the Rs in JR at the end of J J TUPAZ JR appear to be Ps. It is also the only version I have where both the obverse and reverse have makers markings. However it is still a very nice quality medal.

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