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Eric Stahlhut

der Deutschen Ehrenlegion

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46 x 41mm.

there were three versions of this. this one is the generic example. the other two were for 'ritterschaft furst bismark' and 'ritterschaft leipzig'. as far as i can tell, the only way two distinguish the difference from the three types is to look at the bottom of the central disc. my example has a dot. i know the the bismark version has a w, so i presume the leipzig version has something to denote it as well.

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pretty excited to have found this, simply because of the obscure austrian maker. seldom encountered!

i edited the reverse image in order to show the hallmark a bit more clearly.


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20180430_115752.thumb.jpg.5f5b32af222d7594b9e07138681d344e.jpghiya, chris!

nope, the austrian-made version is larger at 48 x 46mm. gilding worn down to base metal, which appears to be tombac

Edited by Eric Stahlhut
added picture

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