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Can anyone give me any details, as to the circumstances of the Police Strike of 1919. I recently bought a medal group, to a Bobby from X Div, and have discovered that he was sacked because of his part in this strike, and am keen to find out more about this incident. Can anyone shine any light on it for me??

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Following the strike The Goverment broght in the Police Act 1919 which gave improved pay and conditions but made it a Criminal offence for Police to withdraw labour. It also allowed the formation of a group to pass on grievances but did not allow this group Trade Union recognition. This allowed the formation of The Police Federation which still does not have Trade Union recognition.
Following the strike it was believed by both sides that there would be an amnesty on those who withdrew there labour. This was the case but those individuals who organised the strike at Divisional level (Shop Stewards) were sacked with no pension rights or leave to appeal

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