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And the fellow who punished infractions in the 28th Infantry Division:


C. J. Arthur Horchler was born in Cassel in 1863. A "late bloomer," he graduated from the Gymnasium there in 1884-- two years later than normal!

Naturally, this qualified him for the law! A reserve officer in Feldartillerie 31 for the social prestige that conveyed, after doing his probationary legal "Assessor" time he transferred to military law in 1895.

From 1900 to 1920 he was the Judge Advocate (Kriegsgerichtsrat) of the 28th Division.

This boring little dog license of a document is the Order of the Z?hringen Lion-Knight 1st Class with Swords-- awarded just over 500 times in World War One, and the ONLY such document I have ever seen. He had previously received the same grade in peacetime, along with a Red Eagle 4th and so on. As both a Beamter and a Reserve and then Landwehr officer, he qualified for BOTH the active duty XXV years service cross (which by an irony of the collapse, he bestowed upon himself as senior representative of the legal branch of the division in 1920) and the Reserve/Landwehr long service awards.

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Thanks Christophe!

Heiko! wow! what a super bar!

thanks for showing!

Heres another wee Baden one for you

Just a long service mounted on its own.....



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