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Eric Schena

Italy - Medals relating to Albania

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On 3/5/2009 at 00:50, Bob said:

First row: Commendatore dell'Ordine dei Santi Maurizio e Lazzaro / Grande Ufficiale dell'Ordine della Corona d'Italia / Commendatore dell'Ordine Coloniale della Stella d'Italia


Second row: Commander in the Order of Scanderbeg / Sovrano Militare Ordine di Malta, Ordine di S. Giovanni di Gerusalemme, di Rodi e di Malta / 'Order of the German Eagle' (Nazi award) / x


Third row: Bulgarian Order of Civil Merit? / 'Vatican Order of St Sylvester' / Ordine Equestre del Santo Sepolcro di Gerusalemme / Romanian Order of the Crown (knight?)




Great - thanks. That just leaves one mystery ribbon!

The missing ribbon (central row, last from right) is the Hungary, Order of Merit !  This make sense in an Italian ribbon rack !

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