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Group of three - Boer War period (1899-1902) to the Cape Police - District 1. (See Will Endley's interesting post below, on the Cape Police). The Cape of Good Hope Gen. Service Medal, is on the left and has the Bechuanaland Bar. There were three possible bars - Bechuanaland (2483) ; Basutoland (1589); and Transkei (only 562) - however, they could be issued in combination and probably, in total there would have only been about 3500. The medal was issued by the Cape Govt., and only to local forces and vol. regts. (Medal Year Book). The CofGH is named - 34 Cpl.F Keitzmann C.Pol.. His QSA - 2 bars to same name, but Serjt. and Cape P. D1 ; whilst the KSA is same name and rank - C.P. Dist.1.

Being a fairly rare medal this group is probably quite valuable.


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