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Interesting and very rare poster to advise the residents of Shadwell in 1818 - who their constable was on given dates and , who to call for fires. Shadwell is the area beyond the Tower of London - going East. It was a poor area and notorious for crime - the infamous Ratcliffe Highway ran through the area to give access to the West Indies Docks and ships. Should some one in those days commit suicide - or, be executed, they could not be buried in Consecrated ground and were buried in the centre of crossroads. I was stationed at Bethnal Green - next to this area - and quite regularly skeletons were dug up, from old cross roads. The new Canary Wharf and the City airport are now at the far eastern end - I bet the people 200 years ago didn't expect that to happen !!

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A rare piece indeed and to have survived this long and still be in that shape.

Thanks for posting it Mervyn.



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