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Which Medals/Orders (Japanese and Foreign) received Prime Minister Tojo ?

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Hi All,

I'm trying to establish the Full medal entitlement (COMPRENSIVE of Japanese and Foreign Awards) of Tojo Hideki (1884-1948).

In my database I found his ribbon bar and a photo of him wearing many awards (I posted both below)

Examining his ribbon bar He appears to be entitled to the following (From left to right) :

1st Row :

- Japan, Order of the Rising Sun (which class ??);

- Japan, Order of the Sacred Treasure (which class ??);

- Japan, Order of the Golden Kite (which class ??);

- Manchukuo Order of Orchid Blossom (Grand Cordon ?);

2nd Row :

- ??

- Manchukuo, Order of the Auspicious Clouds ???

- Manchukuo, Medal The Pillars of State (which class ??);

- ??

3rd Row :

- Italy, Order of the Crown, Cavaliere di Gran Croce;

- ?? Order of the German Eagle ??

- ??

- Japan, Russo-Japanese War Medal 1904-05

4th Row :

- Japanese Taisho Enthronement Commemorative Medal;

- Japan 1914-1915 or 1914-1920 ?? War Medal;

- Japan, Victory Medal;

- Japanese Showa Enthronement Medal;

5th Row :

- Japan, 1931-1934 Manchukuo Incident medal;

- Japan, 1937-1945 Shino-Japanese medal;

- Japan, 2600th National Anniversary Commemorative Medal (quasi sicuro);

- Manchukuo, National Foundation Merit Medal 1933;

6th Row :

- Manchukuo, National Shrine Foundation Commemorative Medal 1940;

- Japan, Red Cross Order of Merit;

- Japan, Red Cross Membership Medal (Silver ??);

- Manchukuo, Red Cross 'Order of Merit' or 'Membership Medal' ?

From the Exame of the photo I noted that He was also awarded with :

- Manchukuo, Order of the Illustrious Dragon (which class ??);

- Italy, Order of St. Mauritius & St. Lazarus (Cavaliere di Gran Croce);

My Questions:

1) Can you correct / added something to what I have already identified above ?

2) Did He received other Japanese Medals ?

3) I'm sure that He received other FOREIGN orders but which ??

4) Did he received the 'The Border Incident War Medal' ??

Awaiting to hear from you

Best Regards


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Wish I could be of help, alas, I can not!

But I'm interested in the 6th row, 2 x Red Cross bars, aside from the Manchukuo one - I can't see any difference in the picture - were there separate bars for Orders of Merit vs. the other Red Cross medals?? What is the difference??

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If someone is interested to this answer :

Tojo's medals (Left to right in the photo) :

1. Russo-Giapponese war.
2. WW1 War (14-16 o 14-20 are the same, only difference are kanji on the back).
3. China Incident (War, not commemorative).
4. Interallied victory.
5. Enthronement Taishò.
6. Enthronement Showa.
7. Manchuria incident.

8. 2600th anniversary.
9. State's Foundation (Manchukuo)
10. Shrine Foundation (Manchukuo)
11. Silver cross - Japanese Red Cross
12. Special Member - Japanese Red Cross (same ribbon as above)
13 Merit Cross of Manchukuo Red Cross
14 Special Member Manchukuo Red Cross. (same ribbon as above)

Order's Classes are not specified by ribbons.

So, observe the cross position :

On the right side (2° class position) : 

Golden kite 2nd Class (cross is on the right side)

On the left side (1° Class position) :

Order Rising Sun - 1° Class

Order Sacre Treasure - 1° Class

Gran Cross of the German Eagle (Without swords)

Order of the Ray of the Dragon ( no classes - Manchukuo)

Gran Cross Order of SS. Lazzaro e Maurizio (Italy)

Gran Cross Order of Italian Crown (Italy)

Order of White Elephant ( 1° Class - Siam)

Order Auspicious Clod ( 1° Class - Manchukuo)

Order Pillars of state (1° Class - Manchukuo) (It's lower on the sx, so it's not in the photo)

I hope this should help...










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Hello Danny,

Very Much Apreciated !


Best Regards


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