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Very little exists from the early days of flying - and what items there are in the pre-1914 era , are in museums.

This incredible lapel pin - only 2.5 cms.across (1 inch) was made for the 1909 Blackpool Aviation show - the first in Great Britain and the start of the Royal Aeronautical Society. REMEMBER THE FIRST FLIGHT OVER THE CHANNEL WAS ON OCT.25 1909 BY LOUIS BLERIOT. This show was in Oct. and features a Bleriot mono plane. The lapel badge was made locally in Blackpool by S.Lyon. There is a lot of info. on Google and I printed out the enclosed to give more detail.

(I would be willing to sell to a collector) mervyn

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Bleriot's cross channel flight , was of course, on JULY 25 1909. He was awarded ?1000 by The Daily Mail for being the first to accomplish this. I think the film - 'Those Incredible men and their flying machines' was loosely based on the event. There was certainly great excitement about flying in those early days.

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