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Italy medal makers?

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Interesting to see one of original dise for the Unità d'Italia medal (in this case, the one from the now closed firm of Pagani, Milan). There were several contractors to produce it, based on the model of Rivalta, then engraved by Nelli. The piece shown was produced on behalf of the National Association of the Mothers and Widows of fallen Soldiers. There also exist official pieces without the association's inscription on the reverse.

Military medals were officially made by the Royal Mint in Rome (and such pieces bear the tiny crowned "Z" mark), as in the case of the medals for military valour, etc.; others, as this is the case were -as said- produced by private firms like Johnson of Milan; Pagani, Lorioli (both also from Milan), etc.

Best wishes,

Elmar Lang

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Hello to All,

Yes, this die is marked Pagani. I photos of a few dozen original Italian dies from a friend. When I have extra time, I will post them for you to look at.



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