I bought this recently for a couple of reasons: 1. I've never owned one in 35 years of collecting 2. He was from Halifax N.S., where I've spent many happy days Imperial Service Medal George V second issue, named to Patrick McTiernan. A check of the Gazette showed that it was issued in 1933, to him as Wheel Specialist, Halifax Nova Scotia. Whereas most UK awards appear to be Post Office, Canadian awards are often Railways and Canals. The ISM was awarded for 25 years' service, so I reasoned Patrick would have been in Halifax on December 6 1917, when the "Imo" and the "Mont Blanc" collided, causing the greatest man-made explosion until the atomic bomb. A search of the Halifax Explosion Remembrance Book shows that five McTiernans died that day. http://www.gov.ns.ca/nsarm/virtual/remembrance/Results.asp?Search=Mctiernan&fieldSelect=keyword All were related to Patrick. His mother Margaret (his father died in 1892, from TB) His sister-in-law Mary Jane (her husband survived) His brother Bartholemew Bartholemew's wife Caroline Their four-year-old son Wilfred Patrick identified his mother's body. Bartholemew's house was totally destroyed by fire, so no bodies were recovered. Their death certificates state "Remains completely consumed by fire"