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Hello gents,

I'm looking for a helping hand to explain this ribbon bar from Hermann Lohbeck (picture-postcard in my collection). It starts with the 1914 EK2 and the Bavarian Military Merit Order but troubles begin with ribbon n°3, one I cannot explain. I assume it continues with two Austro-Hungarian Military Merit Crosses, one having a wreath. Second to last is the Hindenburg cross, to make it end with the Hungarian Commemorative Medal. If my thoughts are correct, what could be ribbon number 3?

Thank you,


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He was presumably the Lohbeck of Silesian Pionier Bataillon 6--

Leutnant 24.05.12 vorpatentiert after May 1914

Oberleutnant 18.06.17 T

charakterisiert Hauptmann aD

and so

Major zV here, since he has no regular Wehrmacht long service awards.

Wretched doubled style ribbons-- not one clue. Not on any of the award rolls we've done. :banger:

AND what the heck is #5, the Austro-Hungarian generic bravery ribbon with no device-- since he would have alreay been an officer at the outbreak of the war? :banger:

Meanwhile, the naughty fellow is wearing his 1931 SA Treffen Braunschweig Badge-- which I do not think was authorized for wear on Wehrmacht uniforms. Despite having been an Old Fighter--presumably in the SA--he hasn't got an NSDAP long service award. :banger:

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Just stumbled over this topic.

I have a couple things from Herman Lohbeck - got it from his nice as I remember correctly.


Anyway here is a photo of him in his SA uniform. And with a nicer ribbon bar.



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Hi all - just stumbled on this. If it's of interest, I own one of his tunics. A Holters waffenrock that was re-tailored. It's one of my favourites :)



And the label it came with - 


Anyone have any other items of his or further research on his career?


Brad C

Edited by Brad Cancian

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