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Chris Boonzaier

The simple WW1 EK2...

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A proud Bavarian... Jakob Osberger, waffenmeister in the 22 bavarian Inf Regt, dated September 1915

Yet without swords on his BMV5bB (or is it BMV5aB?) he could have added from mid July 1915 on...

Great! According to Bergmann, 177 such 2nd classes and 367 1st classes were awarded.


If you get tired of the picture, I can probably give you another EK wearer for it. ;)

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Time for an interlude. I can't remember if I actually sent this to Chris and Gordon for their website. Ah yes, I remember going to Spinks as a fourteen year old with a friend and old man Joslin pulling open a drawer of 1914 EK2 tied together like so many cheap trinkets. £1.50 each but he gave us two each for a fiver all-in, one of which was the CD 800 on the right here. Years later, my interest in militaria rekindling on an exercise in Germany, I entered a shop in Paderborn run by an angry-looking man in a loden jacket with a goatee. He looked like an Odessa official. But he became friendly when he realised that I spoke some German and wasn't asking for Nazi stuff, that I was interested in the cross you see on the right, which is in mint condition with a full-length riband and a black-stoved safety pin, as issued. He said he had it from the family and that it must have been sent after the death of the man who got it in 1915. Hearsay, of course, but no reason to doubt it. Years later, as makers became important, I compared them and found they had been been struck on the same dies, the core die having been damaged at some point, as the flaw across 1813 shows. So, looking at all of the wonderful period photographs you have posted, some of the earlier ones probably show CD 800s like the mint one and later examples like the flawed cross.


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Hello Chris,

Lovely pictures. Hard to find.

I wonder, is it within the regulation to wear the medal with the ribbon in the second button hole of the tunic?

I thought that it is only ribbon that you can wear in the second button hole.

What does the regulation says?



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