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"Grosskreuz" 1813

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Very impressive historic item. The silver plate was fixed to hold torn off streamers. Maker of these silver plates was Hofjuwelier Carl Schwerin (yes, the same company which made Kriegsmarine-war-badges in WW2).

Have you identified the unit to which this top belonged ? Cant read the location and date before 1866.......



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About two dozends of silver plates and rings with the date "Königgrätz 3.Juli 1866" were given to wounded flags after the war. 4 or 5 were fixed to the shoe of the flagtop. Because this top was heavily deformed i prefer:

II. Bataillon 3.Magdeburgisches Infanterie-Regiment

The royal order from may 1867 remarks:

"3.Magdeburgisches Infanterie-Regiment 2. Bataillon.

1.Silberner Ring um den Schuh der Fahnenspitze mit der Inschrift Königgrätz 3.Juli 1866

2. Spitze gerade richten. .............."

But also

I./2. Garde-Regiment zu Fuß

II./Kaiser Alexander Garde-Grenadier-Regiment

are possible, but no damage of the top is mentioned.



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