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Hi to all,

I I bought this badge today a Tirana. It is a arm badge of Albanian Fascist Militia (1939-1943). Attach a photo of an Albanian Milite with this badge.Regards,


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Hi Artan:

As always, another wonderful thing that is almost never seen outside of Albania! Thank you very much for sharing it.

As for the correct forum, I would argue that this could be in either this forum or the Fascist forum as well since it fits in both categories. I'll let someone else be the arbiter there :whistle:



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Got two fascist Albanian badges in my hands now - the first one appears virtually identical to the one posted by Artan although it's much much smaller (size of my thumb).

Regarding the second one: all i know is it's a badge for the GLA (the youth wing - like Hitler Jugend? - of the Albanian Fascist Party during the Italian occupation of Albania). You can even see the badge on the GLA wikipedia entry.


Regarding the first one:

Beautiful and rare official badge of the Albanian Militia that was worn on the right breast pocket of his coat. The distinctive gold metal and enamels measuring 25 mm in diameter and has been produced by the "Lorioli Brothers" of Milan, as indicated by a mark printed on the rear plate along with the number "121", which indicates the production lot.

On April 7, 1939 landed in Vlora contingent of black shirts of MVSN, led by General Filippo Nannini console, followed three days later by one led by Peano console. On the 12th it met aTirana the Constituent Assembly, which decided unanimously to offer Vittorio Emanuele III the crown of Albania. With Lieutenant Decree of 14 August 1939, it was formed "Fascist Militia in Albania" composed by Italian and Albanian members of the PNF or the Albanian Fascist Party. It was formed by a mountain legion of three cohorts and an ordinary legion with three cohorts.
With a new decree of September 18, 1939 was transformed into "Albanian Militia" with four legions and ten permanent cohorts. The task of the Albanian Militia was to contribute to the maintenance of internal order and state security, as well as to ensure the development of the fascist revolution. The recruitment was voluntary and the soldiers were treated and graded to the agents of the public force, as well as the officers to their peers.
The Albanian Militia was structured with a Legion Command Group in Tirana, entrusted to the consul general Ballabio, who will be succeeded Lieutenant General Biscancianti and finally the consul general Volante.
The cohorts were located in ten locations scattered throughout the country: Tirana, diCorcia, Shkodra, Vlora, Durres, Elbassan, Cuchet, Berat, Gjirokastra and Piscopea. The MFA has participated in the campaign against Greece with the 1st and 2nd Legion CC.NN. with a budget of 177 wounded and fallen and a gold medal to the memory of the centurion Giaumarkaj Frrok Doda, a leader and tribal chief of Mirditi. At the end of hostilities with Greece, the forces of MFA were demobilized. With the expansion of the guerrillas, carried by Tito's partisans provevienti from neighboring Yugoslavia, venneo created fourteen battalions, to be used for public order, called "Volunteer Battalions of the MFA" . After the fall of the fascist regime, the MFA departments were called " Voluntary Militia Albanian" .

The uniform of the Albanian soldiers was nearly identical to that of MVSN except c0pricapo shaped Albanian white fez. On the jacket, above the right breast pocket, it was worn this particular round badge with the central part bearing a black eagle biceps surmounted by a vertical fasces and the helmet of Skanderbeg, all on a red background. On the back was present vertical pin set with a round plate on which was engraved with the manufacturer's data Lorioli and the batch number. (Historical information from the article Alessandro Raspagni, published in nr. 2 June 1994 the magazine "Militaria")

LAchille Starace, in the uniform of a general officer MVSN, along with some officers in Albania. The first on the left, in the uniform of a general officer of the MFA and the last on the right, wearing this badge above the right breast pocket of his coat.
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Very impressive finds, Bob!!   You are lucky AND persistent and that's what it takes!!  

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Thanks - the hunt is a large part of the fun!

Interestingly enough I was just reading that the GLA was based in the Casa del Fascio building in Tirana... which nowadays is the University of Tirana main building I believe. I was just walking past it 2 weeks ago and already thought that it reminded me of some of the fascist era buildings you can find in Rome for instance.

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Hi, Bob, congratulations for your finds. 

To complete your albanian pieces, I am showing you my pieces.

Regards, Artan

Those are the GLA distinctives with letters in Italian and Albanian, each of them in two types of clips.


Those are the distinctives of the Albanian Fascist Party.


This is the badge of the PFSH.

20170806_171020 (1).jpg

Those ate 4 different types of the arm badge of the Albanian Fascist Militia.

1. In felt.

2. In stamped silvered thick tin.

3. In bachelite.

4. In stamped thin tin.


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Very impressive Artan - thanks for sharing!

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