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Hi all, just purchased this no.14 periscope and was wondering if any of you had some knowledge on them, i have spent some time searching the net but to little or no avail. Some one said it was probably used by the artillery foo's or trench mortar teams.It is war department stamped which means it was an issued piece of kit rather than a private purchase like the other r j beck periscopes - i think? Any help greatly appreciated.

p.s i have a link to a picture sharing site as they were too large for this site!.......


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This is an exceptionally rare little item and I have never seen one prior to this. Based on a trench periscope of the type used at the Siege of Mafeking during the Boer War - they have called this a Hyposcope. I expect periscopes , of some type, must have been in use for many years prior to this date of 1900 - however, the idea of making them small was to be put to good use in the trenches during World War 1 (1914-18).

This is not the type used at Mafeking - which would have been bigger and have been made in the local workshops. This is a tin type with silk screened lettering and would have been sold to the crowds at the Coronation Procession of King Edward 7th. in 1902. They still make and sell these at State occasions in London - but nowdays, they are of cardboard. The principle - of course - is two mirrors on opposing sides which reflect the image from the top to the bottom and in the process give added height to the viewer to see over the heads of crowds.

Although a little worn from age, it is still a rare and interesting piece and over 108 years old.

Hello Mervyn.....

To get back to the original post I have seen an advert for these periscopes in the Grafic Magazine being sold to see the parade on the return of H.M.S. Powerfull's crew and for the return of the C.I.V......


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This is a MK9 R.J. Beck periscope in its leather case that I have in my collection..

The uniform belonged to the Staff Captain of the 1st South African Infantry Brigade in France.

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