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I am seeking information on KuK Festungsartillerieregiment ( Fortress Artillery Regiment) -"Edler von Kollarz No. 6 - Feldkompagnie Nr.2. I am seeking info on the following member of the unit as well - Kannonier Franz Goldberger who was awarded the Taferkeits Medal for bravery. I have enclosed a photo of Franz from his military pass. He was born in Hungary in 1888. Data on Austro-Hungarian units of WWI are hard to find in the states. Any help in gaining some historical background to his unit would be mosy helful.



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Gene; this post is from Feb 2010 (and I see you haven't visited GMIC since May), but I thought I'd toss in here what I've found. Of course, you may have already found the same info in a Google search, but I'll post here anyway, just in case. It's not much, but might help you take a couple steps in the right direction for further research.

Hungarian Festungsartillerie Regiment „Edler von Kollarz" Nr. 6

Formed: 1891 Staff / 2.Komp. - V. Armeekorps - 5. Feldartillerie Brigade

II. Battalion - IV.Armeekorps - 4. Feldartillerie Brigade

Nationalities: 54% Hungarian - 24% German - 22% Other

Recruitment Area: Pozsony (Pressburg)

Garrisons: Staff: Komárom - I. Battalion: Peterwardein - II. Battalion: Budapest

This info suggests the Staff and 2. Komp. were part of the same higher headquarters; so it might be possible to trace some related actions. But it's very difficult to find information about individual soldiers in military references, but maybe moving the post up will generate some other more expert responses.

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A K.u K.Festungsartillerieregiment Edler von Kollarz Nr.6. 2.baon 7.feldkompani Przsemysl várának védelmében harcolt.talán ez az új információ segítséget ad a további kutatáshoz.

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