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Greetings All.

I have a Imperial German Kaiser Friedrich III Medal that I know nothing about. Around the inner disc it states "Lerne Leiden Ohne Zu Klagen" which, according to the Google Translator means "Learn to Suffering Without Complaints." I have attached a low-resolution photo with this posting, but have high-resolution photos on PhotoBucket, if you follow this link:


I don't know if it is Military or Civil, nor what it was awarded for, and who qualified. I do know it is from 1888, because that is the only year Friedrich was Kaiser before he died.

Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.


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It appears to be a quite high quality civilian commemorative/mourning medal for Friedrich. The motto is appropriate, as throat cancer is a slow and painful death. Even with the broken wreath, a great piece in 900 silver. What is the maker's mark before the 900?

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