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Commemorative medal 50 Years of the Special Control Service

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I've been trying to find data on this medal for over 2 years now and have found NOTHING! mad.gif

post-3030-036406700 1287939699_thumb.jpg

The Russian Federation's Ministry of Defense web site only covers awards, not a single commemorative medal issued by the ministry is mentioned there. This makes finding the actual ministerial order for any defense ministry commemorative medal quite a difficult undertaking, dozens of Russian legal, federal and archival sites must be methodically searched and this is quite time consuming, especially when your knowledge of the Russian language is somewhat limited.

This particular commemorative medal is for the 50th anniversary of the Special Control Service (dealing with nuclear research, development etc). I found 2 designs sharing the same ribbon and reverse inscription leading me to believe (perhaps astray) that at least one of the two is an unadopted prototype. The lack of any data might also mean that both were unadopted prototypes and that their was actually no commemorative medal approved by the minister.

Any data on this subject would be greatly appreciated! This puppy is really starting to try my patience!

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