Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen........ For your Viewing Pleasure....... An extreamly rare medal / medallion to the American Hero - John Paul Jones John Paul Jones (1747-1792), The Capture of the British Frigate HMS Serapis by the USS Bonhomme Richard, Silver Medal 1779, for the ' Americana' series, by Augustin Dupré, uniformed bust right, his hair tied behind en queue, JOANNI PAVLO JONES CLASSIS PRAEFECTO, COMITIA AMERICANA, rev the naval engagement, HOSTIVM NAVIBVS CAPTIS AVT FVGATIS, AD ORAM SCOTIAE XXIII SEPT MDCCLXXVIIII, 55mm References: (Betts 568; Adams & Bentley, Ch 8; BHM 222, R2; MH 580; CP 105/22; Ford XIV, 203). There are a number of re-strikes and fakes of this medal / medallion but this one is authentic..... Mike