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Heinrich  Ordemann

II Ersatz Bataillon J.R. 149, 1ste Kompanie

Gren. Rgt. 9, 2te Kompanie


Josef Lolkes
Hanau Kornerstrasse 6

Ersatz Bataillon Reserve Jnfanterie Regiment 88, 2te Kompanie
Reserve Jnfanterie Regiment 253, 4 Kompanie



Georg Schulz
Mannheim, Riedfeldstrasse 54
Né le 4.6.1893
Rekrut Depot Fuss Artillerie Ersatz Bataillon 24
Fuss Artillerie Batterie 526



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Karl E. Stelz
Nieder Florstadt
11. 3. 76.
I. Ersatz Bataillon, Infanterie Regiment 118, 1ste Kompanie



Ersatz Bataillon 1 Fuss Artillerie (Regiment), 5 Companie (Striped inscription)

1 Fuss Artillerie Regiment, 12 Haubitz (Kompanie)


Wilhelm Jähnke
Törpin kreis Demmin
24. 10. 80.
2 (Bataillon), Pionier Bataillon 2, 4 Feld Kompanie, 268



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On 5/25/2015 at 18:06, Chip said:


Did his Württemberg tag come with a Prussian cord or is that a later addition?


Looks like the red has faded past pink--you can see some traces it was a Württemberg cord.

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