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"Unter der Fahnen der Alten Armee" - Band 1

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Hi gents,

For all of you interested in Heavy Cavalry, there is a superb reference book just out !

First book in a new series, "Unter der Fahnen der Alten Armee", subtitled "Die deutschen militärischen Uniformen auf zeitengenössischen Fotografien, 1850 - 1914".

Authors are Thomas Brackmann and Hermann Schmelzer.

Just received my copy today, and my, did they do a wonderful job !

Book comes with an "English supplement" - and the translation of all captions of the... 704 (!) period photos included.

Each chapter is headed by a descripiton of the uniforms and its evolutions, before devoting the best part to period photographs showing all of them.

As a dedicated military photo collector, I am quite amazed at the quality of the documents presented here.

I am especially thrilled by the photos showing the Hannoverian and Kurhessian armies (so pre-1866 here).

You can have a preview of the book on their website :


Price is of course to be considered, but the book is definitely good value, and well worth it in my opinion ;

That one is bound to become the reference book on the topic.

So ... looking forward to seeing "Band 2" come out ! :love:



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Hi Jerome,

looks like a real good book. :love:

Many thanks for the information.

All the best


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