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Crete Photo Album from 1897 inc. Seaforth Highlanders

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I've come across another photo album of my Grandfather's, made up of photos he took when serving with the Seaforth Highlanders during their time in Crete in 1897 as part of an international peacekeeping force. There were two companies of the Seaforths based in Candia (now modern day Heraklion), as well as one battalion of the Welsh-Fusiliers and six mountain guns artillery. There were also two companies of the Seaforths based in Canea. Other countries making up this peacekeeping force were from Austria and Hungary, France, Germany, Italy and Russia.

The photos are of mixed quality, and I have tried to improve them were possible. I am happy to do close ups for anyone if required. The descriptions are exactly as they are in the album, written in my grandfather's hand. Enjoy!

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"British Troops marching past International Admirals, Jubilee Day, Candia, Crete - Welsh Fusiliers"

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