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The latest addition to my Met Police collection is as follows:

1887 Jubilee with 1897 Clasp to PS E. EMENY. W DIV.

I've managed to track him down on the Registers of Joiners & Leavers as; Warrant No. 58819 Edward Emeny. Joined 05 Apr 1875 (X Div). Left 09 Apr 1900 (F Div) with the rank of Inspector.

No mention of him on the Old Bailey website. Is anyone able to provide any further info on this man's career..... Collar Numbers, promotion dates etc?

As always, any help would be very much appreciated.



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Interesting career for your man Edward E Emeny

Despite several disciplinary offences, including being moved for one (which is usually a sign it was more serious) he still didn't get demoted and continued with his promotion to Insp

Here are some extracts from the Police Orders

24/10/1884 58819 PS P To A

13/12/1884 58819 PS A To W

09/04/1888 58819 PS No 40 W To P (No 51)

12/09/1889 58819 PS No 51 P To Y as Sub Insp

24/04/1890 58819 Sub Insp Y To T (Disciplinary)

30/12/1893 58819 Sub Insp T To Insp F

29/04/1895 58819 Insp F Disciplinary

07/01/1899 58819 Insp F Disciplinary

09/04/1900 58819 Insp F Pensioned

A = Whitehall, F = Paddington, P = Camberwell, T = Hammersmith, W = Clapham, Y = Highgate

The Sub Insp grade became the Station Sergeant rank around 1900

If you are able to find the actual Police Orders around the time of his various disciplinary offences you may find out what he did wrong. I suspect that the underlying problem with his 1890 offence was that he didn't get on with his immediate superior. The fact that he was promoted again three years later shows they must have thought he was a good police officer.

He doesn't appear to have come back in 1902 as a pensioner for the 1902 Coronation. So that is probably his sole entitlement.

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Thanks very much for the information, most interesting. Hopefully I'll be able to get down to the National Archives within the next couple of months and see if I can find anything more about his disciplinary offences, but as you say, it can't have been anything too serious as it certainly didn't adversly effect his career. An interesting character!

Thanks again for taking the time to look him up.



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